Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Alan Taylor ( pilot )

Chad Hodge ( pilot )
Lana Cho ( staff writer )
Steven Levenson ( staff writer )

Eddie Cibrian
Amber Heard
Laura Benanti
Naturi Naughton
Leah Renee
Jenna Dewan
David Krumholtz
Wes Ramsey
Randy Steinmeyer
Jennifer Lewis
And many others...

Nick ( Eddie Cibrian )

Maureen ( Amber Heard )

Carol and Billy ( Laura Benanti and David Krumholtz )

Alice and her "husband" ( Leah Renee and ? )

Max and Janie ( Wes Ramsey and Jenna Dewan )

Clyde AKA Bruno ( Randy Steinmeyer )

Nick is a glorified "ambulance-chaser". That instantly makes him persona-non-grata in my book. He's also the adopted son of a mafioso called Clyde.

Mr. Mafia spots Maureen and decides he wants a piece of that tail. When he makes an offer she CAN refuse, things get violent.

Anyway, Clyde gets "pumped" to death by one of Maureen's high heels. Think, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, but nowhere near as much fun to watch. However, it is a sexy way to go... ha-ha-ha.

Naturally, they cover-up the crime, and wackiness ensues. Oh the hilarity!... What?.. This is NOT a comedy?!.. Oh well.

We find out that Alice's husband, prefers snakes to beavers, and apparently, Alice is the exact opposite.

Did I mention all the nice looking tails?

BUTT seriously, there are plenty of reasons to watch this show.

REASON 1: It's a period piece.

REASON 2: Almost all the characters have secrets.

REASON 3: It has sexy women with sexy tails AND interesting tales too!

REASON 4: It has annoying faux Hefner narration.

REASON 5: It has nudity... oh wait, I forgot, there is NO nudity. Why?... Because it's on NBC!

So it's basically, a night time version of the soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but NOT as entertaining...

Brenda: "Honey, you got a dirty mind... I was going to say penis"

Billy: "You're the only man I know, who puts his hand up a girl's skirt looking for a dictionary"

Janie: "You walk around here with that wedding ring, like a man will get electrocuted if he so much as glances in the region of your kitty-cat"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region - Not applicable
Company - FOX
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

PRICE - Free

YES!!... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!... I think this show is a FUCKING SNOOZE-FEST!....

This is, without a doubt, the most politically correct show about a politically incorrect subject, I have ever seen!!

By trying to please everyone, they ended up pleasing no one!!

Let me say the obvious, this show should have been on CABLE!!

My local NBC affiliate abruptly cut to a Chevy commercial as soon as Alice sat in the car! Cutting her off BEFORE she started to speak to him!... FUCKING IDIOTS! Let me state for the record, that this is common for almost all the stations in my area... I think chimps would do a much better job!

AND of course, there's the dreaded NBC logo on screen. In fact, as we all know, sometimes you get two or three logos on screen, PLUS a FUCKING notice about future programing!... ENOUGH ALREADY!!

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