Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I had fun watching the first movie in the theater, but I was never infected with the STAR WARS FEVER that so many others caught.

A lot of guys had the hots for Carrie Fisher, but I was NOT one of them.

As for memorabilia, I had the paperback tie-in novel ( it had a color photo section ).

I also had trading cards that were made by a company called TOPPS ( I had boxes of them! ).

I even had a few posters, and some of the first figures. Just for the record, I got all of this stuff for free.

So what happened to all that crap?... Well, since I really didn't care about the movie, I gave away most of those things.

Some of that crap is now worth a lot of money... So, part of me regrets getting rid of those items.... "If I knew then, what I know now"...

If I remember correctly, it was released on VHS several times, AND on BETA.

I also remember seeing it on LASERDISC.

It's been released on region one DVD a few times.

I do NOT know, if it was ever released on HD-DVD.

A BLU-RAY collection was also released.

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