Monday, August 12, 2013


I love watching Ms. Welles in exploitation films from the 1960s - movies like CAREER BED and SUBMISSION.

Jennifer Welles in CAREER BED

She also appears in THE GROOVE TUBE ( with Chevy Chase ).

I always thought she would have kicked-ass in daytime soaps, and plays.

When most folks do adult films, there seems to be a scarlet letter, or "taint" automatically attached to them. The same way Harry Reems and others had an x-rated "shadow" follow them, whenever they tried to get so-called "mainstream" work.

The people making adult films in the sixties and seventies were genuine rebels. They really did make history ( at least they did in the United States ).

I feel differently about the folks that did "adult" films from the sixties to the eighties.

They're NOT the same types of individuals that you see in the current crop of adult films.

Most of the folks making adult films today, repulse me.

It's like comparing bona fide actresses and actors to so-called "REALITY" stars.

For a long time, nobody seemed to know what happened to Ms. Welles.

The RIALTO REPORT PODCAST found her, alive and well, and seemingly happy.

The following companies have released her films on region one DVD... VIDEO-X-PIX / DISTRIBPIX, ALTERNATIVE CINEMA, SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO, ALPHA BLUE ARCHIVES, and others.

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  1. Saw GROOVE TUBE on a date in spring ' didn't end well (the date, that is).