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Once upon a time, I had a website called ARCTUD ( Andy Richter Controls the Universe Dictionary ). That website disappeared a long time ago, but I still love this show.

Andy fantasizes while at work, and gets into trouble with his co-workers ( they're also his friends ).

These characters don't always behave as you'd expect.

ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE was filled with dark, and human nature inspired humor ( and NO laugh track ).

This show was intelligently written, and unique.

It was written by..... Victor Fresco, Michael A. Ross, Jim Bernstein, Jennifer Celotta, and Tommy Blacha

It was directed by..... Andy Ackerman and John Fortenberry

It starred ( clockwise )..... Andy Richter as Andy, Paget Brewster as Jessica, Irene Molloy as Wendy, Jonathan Slavin as Byron, James Patrick Stuart as Keith, and John Bliss ( 1930 – 2008 ) as Mr. Pickering

Plus, Sean Gunn as Phil, Charlie Finn as Teak, And others..... Many familiar faces appeared as guest stars.

Conan O'Brien in the episode CRAZY IN RIO - "Behold my radiance!"

Molly Sims and Jonathan Slavin - "This fertile valley with succulent peaches and melons for all to enjoy" - SCREENGRABS and QUOTE from the episode HOLY SHEEP

Andy Richter, Paget Brewster, Irene Molloy, Jonathan Slavin, James Patrick Stuart, and Conan O'Brien - "There's going to be a duct tape wedding, cover your genitalia and run! - "SCREENGRAB and QUOTE from the episode CRAZY IN RIO

Everyone involved with this show did a kick-ass job.

Jonathan Slavin is a genuinely funny man. He makes you feel empathy for his character.

The adorable Irene Molloy, really brought Wendy to life.

Irene Molloy also writes and sings - she has a magical voice.

If I remember correctly, you could purchase her music cd's directly from her ( and downloads also ). I do NOT know if she's still doing that, or if she still has an official website ( I haven't been able to find one ).

My favorite Irene Molloy song is called CUT AND DRY ( acoustic version - her voice sounds positively angelic on that song ).

I found some of her songs on a website called SOUNDCLOUD... see text link below.....


FYI: Ms. Molloy and Mr. Slavin are far too nice to be working in showbiz.


Wendy - "Harassment has the word ass right in the middle of it. It's like the guys who made it up were trying to give you a clue" - FROM THE EPISODE "Relationship Ripcord"

Byron - "I'm not really comfortable being a hero or a coward, so war is a no win for me" - FROM THE EPISODE "Second Episode"

Jessica - "I have so much dung down my pants, I could grow daisies out my ass" - FROM THE EPISODE "Gimme a C"

Andy - "I'm as straight as a broadway kick line" - FROM THE EPISODE "Wedding"

Byron - "Public displays of affection... I hate that, because I'm always the public" - FROM THE EPISODE "The Show Might Go On"

TIDBITS that were sent to me a long time ago, by an ANONYMOUS SOURCE
"All principal cast members are actually very gentle friendly people"
"Andy is not shy and quite bright - boisterous by nature"
"Paget is the most boisterous, a charmer extrordanaire"
"Jonathan is Vegetarian animal lover activist as stable as his character is wacky"
"Irene is quieter but not reserved, as natural a beauty as she appears onscreen, although she is unaware and unfazed by same, and an exceptional good sport well beyond the norm"
"James is much more handsome in person than he appears on screen, totally in love with his wife, and amazingly easygoing. Trivia: His father is Chad Stuart from the Top popular 60's Duo, "Chad & Jeremy"

After what seemed like an eternity, PARAMOUNT finally released a region one DVD of all filmed episodes. However, some of the music was replaced. I'm assuming music, is what held up the release.

NOTE: I do NOT own the DVD, so I can't give you any details about it.

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