Friday, March 1, 2013


Charley - "Would you tell me what the hell I was thinking, deciding to publish the actual secrets of an actual mobster?"

Tricia - "That you'd sell a lot of books"

Charley - "Yep. That's what I was thinking alright"

Tricia is from South Dakota. One day, she decides to reinvent herself in New York City. Her sister Coral, lives there, so what could go wrong? Unfortunately for Tricia, almost everything.

Coral's reaction is not what she was expecting. So now, Tricia has nowhere to stay. A short time later, she meets a man. He tells her about a place she can stay, and then proceeds to take advantage of her ( monetarily, NOT sexually ). That man's name is Charley. He's a publisher of crime novels, and Tricia ends up writing a book for him.

Her novel will change their lives.

There's plenty of pissed-off gangsters, pissed-off cops, bullets, speeding cars, female boxing, sexiness, and one hell of a horse ride.

Will Tricia and Charley survive?... I'm NOT going to tell you.....

ISBN ( 978-0857683243 )
AUTHOR - Charles Ardai
COMPANY - Hard Case Crime
OBTAINED AT - Barnes & Noble
PRICE - $7.99
SIZE - approximately 4" wide by 6.5" tall
PAGES - 333

HELL NO!!... I fucking love this book!

This has become one of my favorite HCC books.

I never stopped smiling while reading this fast paced and incredibly fun story.

Tricia is smart, resourceful, and far tougher than people think she is. I really loved this character. She felt real.

I got attached to Tricia, Erin, and Charley.... Mr. Ardai, please bring them back.

If I were casting a movie version of this book, I'd pick...

Rachel McAdams as Tricia

Lauren Graham as Coral

Christina Hendricks as Erin

Edward Burns as Charley

Jeremy Sisto as Nicolazzo

Christopher Walken as Barrone Sr.

And Marisa Tomei as Renata

Come on folks!... get off your asses and start making theatrical and cable tv movies out of these HARD CASE CRIME books!

How about a tv series, or mini-series, or anthology series?!

This is the 50th HARD CASE CRIME book, so it has a special section picturing the first fifty covers ( in color ).

FYI: On page 36, there's a description of the cover painting.

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