Tuesday, March 12, 2013


How can anyone NOT like this poster?!

This brings back many youthful memories... and some of those memories are actually good!... ha-ha-ha...

Joyce Jillson ( 1945 – 2004 ), was in many tv shows, and I was very fond of her.

She had a long acting career, and I also remember her on local tv ( in SoCal ).

FYI: John Carradine ( 1906 – 1988 ), has a small but memorable part in this movie.

I'm NOT sure, but I think SUPERCHICK was released a few time on VHS ( by different companies ).

It's been released on region one DVD at least three times... Once as a solo disc by RHINO. Once as part of a double feature by BCI ( paired with HUSTLER SQUAD ). It's also been released as part of a twelve movie pack by MILL CREEK ENT.


"She's all woman and all that every woman wants to be. Forceful. Feminine. Free"

"Superbrain. Superbody. Supercharged. Superchick!"

"A swinging motion picture experience, about a super kind of woman"

"In public, she's a mild-mannered stewardess. In private, she's a mistress of the martial arts"

"SUPERCHICK, she's more than just one woman, and too much for just one man"

"SUPERCHICK!... the super kind of woman"

"Always in the middle of some kind of action"

"Always ready for new adventure"

"You can't afford to miss SUPERCHICK!"

"She's much more than you've ever had before....."

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