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Barbara Crampton is one of my all-time favorites. Not only is Ms. Crampton gorgeous, but she can act too! Her tapes were VERY popular.

I think FROM BEYOND is incredibly underrated, and I've never forgotten Ms. Crampton's final scene.

What can you say abut RE-ANIMATOR?.... It's a TRUE CLASSIC!... After all this time, I still love it.

A lot of folks do not like COLD HARVEST, but I do, and that's all that matters!... FYI: I saw it on BOOTLEG VHS, because I could never find it at any of my local rental shops.

I also thought CASTLE FREAK was fun, but once again, many folks did not like it.

She played opposite Kari Wuhrer in POISON, but used a body double for her nude scenes.

CHOPPING MALL is one of my rental favorites.

I also have fond memories of her in, BODY DOUBLE, FRATERNITY VACATION, and PUPPET MASTER. She didn't have a lot of screen time in these flicks, but that's ok.


Some of the most visually beautiful porn flicks ever filmed, where made by a man called Andrew Blake.

Four of his films, NIGHT TRIPS, NIGHT TRIPS II, HOUSE OF DREAMS, and SECRETS, were EXTREMELY popular with both men AND women. These were HARD-core films, but they were still desired by countless so-called "mainstream" women. Keep in mind, this was long before FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

NOTE: DVD boxes pictured above

Most of the scenes in those four films had a dreamy quality. You may remember some of those dreamlike perfume commercials made in the 80s and 90s. Well, imagine an X-RATED movie version of those commercials.

CHANEL NO 5 perfume commercial directed by Ridley Scott

Two examples of CALVIN KLEIN perfume commercials directed by David Lynch... The top right corner shows Benicio Del Toro and Heather Graham.

Zara Whites in HOUSE OF DREAMS

Ashlyn Gere in HOUSE OF DREAMS

Porsche Lynn, Ashlyn Gere, Racquel Darrian, Lauren Hall, Zara Whites, and Erica Boyer ( 1956 – 2009 ), have all appeared in Mr. Blake's movies.

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