Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love the artwork...

After checking-out the female character named Iris Lee LaVonne, I can think of a couple of really great places to land.... hardy-har-har....

I thought NO PLACE TO LAND was a fun movie. There's betrayal, multiple murders, seduction, blackmail, and suicide!... Sounds like wholesome family entertainment to me!... ha-ha-ha......

This movie stars, John Ireland ( 1914 – 1992 ), Mari Blanchard ( 1923 - 1970 ), Jackie Coogan ( 1914 - 1984 ), Gail Russell ( 1924 - 1961 ), and Robert Middleton ( 1911 - 1977 ).

I don't think NO PLACE TO LAND has ever been released on VHS ( at least not in the U.S.A. ).

As I write this, NO legit region one DVD has been released. So a grey-market disc is your only option.

FYI: I saw the entire movie via YOU TUBE.

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