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Regardless of what some people say, the VHS rental era was just as important as the grindhouse / drive-in era... don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

The days of going to local video stores and checking out rack after rack of low-budget and direct-to-VHS flicks may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't reminisce.

This is a SMALL sampling of some of the actresses, bimbos, and filmmakers, that were popular during the VHS rental era..... There were many others I wanted to include - such as Shannon Whirry and Sheryl Lee - however, if I keep adding people to the list, I'll never finish this post....

Adrienne Barbeau.....

When I was a kid, I loved watching Adrienne Barbeau on MAUDE.

FYI: She did a lot of tv movies.

Some folks still don't know that the UNcut version of SWAMP THING features a topless scene by Ms. Barbeau. I do NOT remember if this scene was cut from the VHS tape ( U.S. version ).

FYI: There are TWO versions of the region one DVD. One version HAS the topless scene, one does NOT.


How about CANNONBALL RUN, remember that?... Most folks don't, and that's understandable, because the movie sucked in a bad way. However, there are a few reasons to watch.....

Alyssa Milano.....

Say whatever you want about her acting skills, but she does command attention when she's on screen. You can attribute that to her physique, or personality, or both.

Who can forget EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE?... It's an all-time CRAPTASTIC CLASSIC!

Anybody out there remember watching a cheese-fest called DEADLY SINS? She played a NUN!... I could NOT stop laughing! There were never any copies of that movie available for rent at any of my local video stores, so I didn't get to see this movie until a friend gave me a bootleg tape.

Anyway, her tapes were very popular, and she had quite a following.


The films of Andy Sidaris ( 1931 – 2007 ) dominated many video store shelves.

You could always count on seeing tons of bouncing bimbos in his flicks. The flipside was, if you payed too much attention to the story, you'd fall asleep.

My favorite Sidaris flick is GUNS. Why?... Because Phyllis Davis appears in it.

Sybil Danning, Julie Strain, Teri Weigel, Devin DeVasquez, Cynthia Brimhall, and Dona Speir, are among the many ladies that have appeared in his films.

Most of his films were frivolous fun, and always featured tons of topless-walking-talking-mannequins... and what's wrong with that?!

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