Sunday, October 13, 2013


In my opinion, far too many movies have been mis-labeled as horror films.

I enjoyed watching SAVAGE WEEKEND. I think it's harmless fun.

William Sanderson

David Gale ( 1936 – 1991 )

There's lots of boobies, and odd murders, and what's wrong with that?!

I usually don't give a shit about the opinions of professional movie critics. However, every so often one of them crosses the line.... Below are a couple of quotes from an incredibly arrogant and self-righteous film critic.

QUOTE 1 - "for strictly the most troubled audiences"

MY RESPONSE - This critic actually thinks he is MORALLY SUPERIOR to all the folks that have watched this film. Cute, really cute. Too bad he didn't express his thoughts to the patrons.

QUOTE 2 - "SAVAGE WEEKEND has an R rating despite seemingly X levels of sadism and nudity"

MY RESPONSE - "X levels of sadism and nudity"?!... Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!... Which movie was this guy watching?!... Did he grow up in MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD?!

Apparently, he's never seen the cinematic abomination called CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Or any of those NAZISPLOITATION FLICKS from the 1970s!

I don't think SAVAGE WEEKEND deserves to be accused of being something it's NOT. This critic makes SAVAGE WEEKEND sound like one of the most vile movies ever filmed.

I'm always amazed by how OUT-OF-TOUCH, and CLUELESS, most professional movie critics are.

The last time I read such an ABSURDLY HYSTERICAL "review", was when SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was released.

This critic's ULTRA-DELICATE-NATURE would be better served by watching kid flicks, like MARY POPPINS!

Order a pizza, get some ice cold drinks. Then sit with your significant other, or friends, or both, or neither, and relax while you watch this flick... Laugh, cry, burp, and fart.... and above all, have fun.

SAVAGE WEEKEND was released on VHS by PARAGON ( and maybe a few other companies ).

Region one DVDs have been released by various public domain firms, and grey-market folks.

My advice, buy it cheap!


WARNING, there are several versions of the same set. Some of those sets contain this movie, and some sets do NOT!... CHECK THE BACK OF THE PACK!

I was lucky enough to find an older version of this set that contained SAVAGE WEEKEND. I paid TEN DOLLARS for it, and I found it at a local WALMART.

NOTE: the movie is shown in FULLscreen.

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