Friday, October 18, 2013


A couple of years ago, SONY released a lower priced version of the MARRIED WITH CHILDREN boxed set.

I have NOT purchased it yet, because I've been waiting for holiday pricing.

Keep in mind, that for the last six or seven years, I haven't paid more than FIVE DOLLARS for most of my DVDs. In fact, most of the discs in my collection, have cost three dollars or less!

The only DVDs I've paid more than FIVE dollars for, are the 50 MOVIE packs by MILL CREEK, and some discs from the following companies, SYNAPSE, SHOUT FACTORY, BLUE UNDERGROUND, SOMETHING WEIRD, VINEGAR SYNDROME, ALTERNATIVE CINEMA, CRITERION, and VIDEO X PIX ( all of these discs - except the MILL CREEK SETS - were LESS than ten dollars each ).

I've always loved movies far more than tv shows, but MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is one of those exceptions to the rule. I'm NOT going to say that I loved every episode, because I didn't!... Some real turkeys were aired... Apologies to my FOWL friends for the derogatory use of the word turkey.

Anyway, I really want this set. It's supposed to have 32 discs, and as usual, some of the original music has been replaced. But, if that means all the episodes get released, and a lower price, then I'm ok with it.

Think about all the shows that have NOT been released because of cost issues with music.

Some folks don't like the packaging of the 2nd version. Well, all I can say is, get over it! There's NOTHING wrong with the way they did it!... Plus, it helped to lower the cost!

DVDs are far more DURABLE than most people think. I have countless DVDs with TONS OF SCRATCHES on them, and they work PERFECTLY!

Meanwhile, I've got DVDs with smudges / fingerprints that do NOT play correctly, or they freeze completely!... Just for the record, I tried to clean the discs with the appropriate materials, but there's always some residue left on the discs.

Think about all the actresses and actors that had bit parts on this show, before they became big stars.

Imagine if 1960's exploitation filmmakers like Doris Wishman, Barry Mahon, and David F. Friedman, got together and made a tv show. Well, if you love 1960's sexploitation flicks as much as I do, then MARRIED WITH CHILDREN is as close to a sexploitation tv series as you're ever going to get.

A lot of hot babes have appeared on this show. In addition to cast member Christina Applegate, there was... Andrea Parker, Milla Jovovich, Traci Lords, Kari Wuhrer, Eva La Rue, Denise Richards, Ashlie Rhey, Debbe Dunning, Teri Weigel, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst, Rhonda Shear, Charlie Spradling, Dona Speir, Jerry Hall, Brandi Brandt, Ava Fabian, Lynne Austin, and many others.

VIVA AL BUNDY!!!!!.....

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