Thursday, October 24, 2013


QUOTE FROM THE TRAILER: "You won't believe your eyes!... You won't believe your ears!"

Can you smell it?... That unmistakable aroma of aged cheese?

Well, I smell it,... and I LOVE IT!


I loved watching this when I was young.

A scientifically enhanced man with SUPER-SUPER-SUPER POWERS. He battles really odd looking creatures and a hot evil babe.

What are you waiting for?!... Rush out and find a used copy, or a new one.... Whatever floats your boat!

I think it was released on VHS by PRISM ENTERTAINMENT. I believe GOOD TIMES VIDEO also released it on tape.

A region one DVD was released by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

I've been told, the disc seems to have some herky-jerky movement in a few scenes. It's NOT a major problem ( but some folks do notice it ).

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