Saturday, October 26, 2013


This is fucking creepy... That's one of the many thoughts that materialized in my mind, the first time I saw INVADERS FROM MARS ( the original version from 1953 ).

After all this time, the multi-armed thing in the glass dome, is still one of my favorite cinematic creatures.

Helena Carter ( 1920 – 2000 ) plays the smart, beautiful, and leggy, female doctor. She's also the first person to believe the kid.

Jimmy Hunt plays the kid that sees it all and discovers the martian conspiracy.

There are a few unintentionally funny moments in this fillm. Such as, when the father slaps the shit out of his son.

FYI: Barbara Billingsley ( 1915 – 2010 ) makes a brief appearance.

INVADERS FROM MARS was released on VHS a couple of times. However, I can NOT remember the name of the company, or companies, that released the tapes.

It was released on region one DVD by IMAGE. It was part of a three movie set called MISSION MARS COLLECTION ( with ATTACK FROM MARS and FLIGHT TO MARS ).

IMAGE also released a solo disc ( 50th anniversary special edition ). This is the version you should purchase.


  1. There was a laservision (12" video disc) version of this movie. I have a VHS dub of that, thanx to a good friend who purchased the disk). There are many different endings, a lot of trailers, preview cards, etc. I have seen it on VHS but only on knock off labels.

  2. Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure if it was released on laserdisc, or videodisc.

    I was told, it was released on BETA, but I've never seen one.