Saturday, October 12, 2013


I loved this show... then it got canceled.

Since the show aired on FOX, it was NOT a surprise. The FOX network was infamous for canceling unique tv shows.

Oh well, at least it ran for 17 episodes.

The show's main character is called Chance Harper.

Chance is a VERY lucky person.

He survives things that would kill anyone else.

STRANGE LUCK was a surreal roller coaster ride, and I loved it!

STRANGE LUCK was written by Karl Schaefer, and many others.

It was directed by various folks.

The show starred D.B. Sweeney ( as Chance Harper ), Frances Fisher ( as Angie ), Pamela Gidley ( as Audrey ), and Cynthia Martells ( as Dr. Richter ).

I think Pamela Gidley is cute.

I also think Ms. Gidley has two of the most beautiful legs to ever appear on U.S. television.

Some guys have all the luck.....

I don't remember STRANGE LUCK being released on VHS in the United States, and I have no idea if it was ever released in other countries.

I had recorded most of the episodes on VHS, but those tapes disappeared a long time ago.

As I write this, STRANGE LUCK has still NOT been released on legit region one DVD.

Even grey-market DVD-Rs are hard to find.

However, you may be able to watch it online. I found some episodes on YOUTUBE.

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