Friday, June 6, 2014


48 HOURS: TALES OF TIMES SQUARE was a special episode of a news show called 48 HOURS ( CBS ). It may have aired sometime in the early nineties.

First, we meet a bunch of southern tourists visiting the BIG BAD CITY for the very first time. It's fun watching them react to the sleaze surrounding them.

Then we see a little violence on the street.

You'll also see some undercover footage of peep-show prostitutes, and spend time with some boxers at TIMES SQUARE GYM.

They also talk about broadway. I don't like this part - most folks don't give a fuck about broadway.

We also spend time with an older cop, and he shares stories about the times square area.

I liked the part about the senior citizens center at St. Malachy's church.

QUOTE BY HEATHER - "I'm gonna be famous... I'm gonna be like the next Marilyn Monroe Madonna" - Apparently, she hasn't figured out that Marilyn Monroe and Madonna are TWO DIFFERENT PERSONS!... Yeah, some big-wig is going to discover her at the strip joint she works in, and they're going to make her a BIG star... yeah... right...

ANOTHER QUOTE BY HEATHER - "He gift to me with a body, and he gift to me with a face and a personality... and when you have all those qualities in one person, then you know, you have to use them to your best advantage".... WHAT AN EGO!

Things don't go well for the southern tourists. Their hotel catches fire. QUOTE BY ONE OF THE SOUTHERN TOURISTS - "I doubt, I'll ever come back to New York"....

Anyway, I enjoyed watching this years ago.

I have no idea, if it was released on VHS.

I don't think it has ever been released on legit region one DVD ( I can NOT find a grey-market disc either ).

You may be able to watch this online.

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