Thursday, June 5, 2014


FYI: In all the years I lived in southern California, I never once heard of Llana Lloyd - aka the glitter goddess.

Llana's mom and Llana on a talk show

GLITTER GODDESS OF THE SUNSET STRIP is about a screwed-up woman, that comes from a screwed-up family, and lives in a screwed-up world... The same screwed-up world the rest of us screw-ups share with her ( how scary is that? ).

GLITTER GODDESS OF THE SUNSET STRIP will make you yawn, gasp in amazement, laugh, and cry. Yes, I said cry... Why?... Because it's that terrible.

I only have myself to blame.... That's what I was thinking after I finished watching this film. I had the power to turn it off, anytime I wanted to, but I didn't!

This film is full of atrocious reenactments, tv show clips, and home movies.

During one reenactment, Llana's mother rants against heterosexuals! She wants people to be TOLERANT of her homosexuality, and yet, she's INtolerant of heterosexuality!.... What a fucking hypocrite!

My favorite part of this film, involves Llana portraying herself AND her mother! She ends up with a bloody face. It's supposed to be serious, but I couldn't stop laughing.

This alleged documentary has a running time of less than two hours, but it feels like a six hour mini-series!

GLITTER GODDESS OF THE SUNSET STRIP is a truly EXCRUCIATING experience. It's also incredibly pathetic, and one of the funniest unintentional comedies I've seen in years! In other words, I highly recommend it!.... ha-ha-ha.

Screengrab of the DIALY STAR website ( England ). Apparently, Ms. Lloyd claims to have had sex with ex-beetle John Lennon, among others.

Was this film ever released in theaters?... I hope not.

If I remember correctly, it was released on VHS. However, I can NOT remember the company responsible.

I found GLITTER GODDESS OF THE SUNSET STRIP in a twelve movie pack called FREAKSHOW CINEMA ( region one DVD by MILL CREEK ). It has three single sided discs. It was in my local WALMART's bargain bin, for five dollars.

View at your own risk.....

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