Saturday, June 21, 2014


Annie Potts in PRETTY IN PINK

Got the hots for Annie Potts?.....

When I was younger, I had the hots-for-Potts.

BUTT seriously folks, I thought she was incredibly cute, and as an added bonus, she could actually act!

Believe it or not, she is still adorable!

I first saw Ms. Potts in a movie called CORVETTE SUMMER. I don't remember if I watched it at the drive-in or the walk-in theater.

It was written by Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins ( Mr. Robbins also directed it ).


It also stars Mark Hamill and a few other familiar faces.

Most critics were NOT fond of this popcorn flick... but that shouldn't be a surprise.

In my opinion, the last quarter of the movie is probably the best. Why?... because Ms. Potts and Mr. Hamil's characters finally become three dimensional human beings.

MGM released it a couple of times on VHS ( in the United States ).

WARNER BROS has released CORVETTE SUMMER on MOD-DVD. They also released a "pressed" disc version, but it's been out-of-print for a while now.

Do I really need to tell you about PRETTY IN PINK, and who wrote, directed, and stars in it?.....

PRETTY IN PINK was released on legit VHS by PARAMOUNT.

It was also released at least three times on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT ( it's an easy movie to find ).

Annie Potts in WHO'S HARRY CRUMB?

WHO'S HARRY CRUMB? was written by Robert Conte and Peter Wortmann.

It was directed by Paul Flaherty.

John Candy ( 1950 – 1994 ), Shawnee Smith, Joe Flaherty, and Tim Thomerson, also appear in this flick.

Professional critics had a fun time bashing John Candy, both professionally AND personally.

And of course, they really had a great time bad-mouthing this flick.

Who cares about this movie?... The most important critics of all, the consumers... that's who cares!

Who the hell remembers the critics?!... NOBODY!... Even Siskel & Ebert are becoming a faded memory. Why the fuck, would I care about a professional critics opinion? They're NOT the ones that purchase movie tickets, or videos, or related merchandise. It's MY OPINION that counts!

Well, HARRY CRUMB had the last laugh!

It was released on VHS by RCA, and released again by COLUMBIA / TRISTAR ( SONY ).

MILL CREEK has just released the 25th anniversary edition of WHO'S HARRY CRUMB? on region one DVD. It was also released by SONY ( out-of-print ).

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