Wednesday, March 18, 2015


QUOTE FROM BUTTWHISTLE ( Ogden ) - "When a dog craps on the rug, it craps on it because it's a dog. Can't really help it. No ill intent. It just is"

Sometimes, it feels like our heads are going to explode. We all have bullshit that comes our way. Granted, some of that shit is deserved, but most isn't. It all gets squeezed in, and squeezed in, and squeezed in. Until one day,... KA-BOOM!!!!!


Fortunately, our heads did NOT explode. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to type this, and you wouldn't be reading it.

Ogden is an eccentric young man, and so are his parents, his grandmother, his friends, his dead girlfriend Rose, the police, and his new stalker lover.

Ogden seems to be at peace with this fucked-up world. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.

His lovely, bitter, self-destructive, live-in stalker is named Beth. She's turning his life upside down or right side up ( depending on your point of view ).

BUTTWHISTLE is deceptively quiet, introspective, and has a lot of dark human nature style humor... and I like those ingredients.

A semi-supernatural threesome takes place in a bathtub, and I like the way it's filmed.

I also want to mention the so-called RANDOM HEAD EXPLOSION that occurs at the beginning of the story. It's NOT really random. The man is Beth's father. How do I know this?... Because, we see photos of her and a note referring to Beth in his office cubicle. Did she kill her father? Is Beth homicidal, in addition to being self-destructive?

I think all the folks behind and in front of the camera, did a tremendous job. That's my sincere opinion.

Writing AND directing credits go to Tenney Fairchild.

Some of the stars are...

Trevor Morgan as Ogden, and Elizabeth Rice as Beth. I thought they were outstanding.

On a purely superficial note, I'd like to point out, that Elizabeth Rice is indescribably cute. I found it impossible not to develop a cinematic crush on her.

Analeigh Tipton is Rose.

Stella Maeve plays Missy. It's wonderful watching her on screen. Warning... More superficiality on my behalf. Why?... Because, I think Ms. Maeve is adorable.

Adhir Kalyan as John. I think he's fucking hilarious.

Roz is played by Kate Miner. Yet another superficial observation, her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing.

There's also Katherine LaNasa as Ogden's mother, Wallace Langham as Ogden's father, and Patty McCormack as Ogden's grandmother - remember her in THE BAD SEED?

And there are many others, such as Thomas Jane, Charlene Tilton, and Alex Solowitz.

QUOTE FROM BUTTWHISTLE ( Rose ) - "The more you try not to be an asshole, the more monumental asshole you become"

If you love conformity, look elsewhere, this is NOT the movie for you.

I'm going to purchase the BUTTWHISTLE DVD as soon as I get the chance. Then, I'm going to put it next to my disc of GENTLEMEN BRONCOS. Some films are so unique that you can't really put them into one specific genre, and that's one of the many reasons I love this flick.

BUTTWHISTLE was released on region one DVD by BREAKING GLASS.

As I write this, you can also watch this film at the IMDB website - via HULU - for FREE ( my favorite price ).

P.S. - There's extra footage after the credits.

UPDATED ON MARCH 27, 2015.......... RANT!.....

Quotes from VARIETY.COM ( by Geoff Berkshire - April 25, 2014 ). From a review of BUTTWHISTLE.

QUOTE - "there’s no logic to anything that happens"

MY RESPONSE - It's called LIFE!... There's NO logic to half of the things that happen in this world... And that's the way it's ALWAYS been!

QUOTE - "More troubling is the film’s rather blatant misogyny"

MY RESPONSE - He used the word MISOGYNY!... Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Which movie was he watching?! He's obviously NEVER seen any NAZI-PLOITATION flicks!

As anyone with a functioning brain knows, MISOGYNY has become one of the most ABUSED words in the world ( regardless of language ).

I think his delicate nature would be better served by watching a MARATHON OF CHICK-FLICKS ( with his male-feminist bffs ). Oh, don't forget the tissues, and some HOG-EN-DOS ice cream!

What set him off? Apparently, he was OFFENDED by the sight of Elizabeth Rice's breasts!... How INSANE is that?! So, her BOOBS make the movie misogynistic?! Truly ABSURD beyond belief!

Anyone that's OFFENDED by the sight of BOOBS, needs to GET PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY!

I loathe all the HYSTERICALLY-PRETENTIOUS movie critics of this world.

This reviewer is a great example of why I HATE most professional critics.

Think about this, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE got a lot of negative reviews when it was new, and so have countless other films.

As I've said before, NOBODY remembers the CRITICS! Most of the movies they bash, usually take on a life of their own. Those films will outlive the critics and their POMPOUS BULLSHIT!

Why do so many male critics, think patronizing women is the same as respecting them? Women are adults, NOT children. They don't need to be protected like kids, and guided throughout life!

It felt great, to get that off my chest!


  1. Critics are nothing but frustrated filmmakers, too lazy and self-absorbed with their own silly opinions to get off their fat asses, put their "thoughts" on the line, and make a film of their own. There's not one critic worth a dog turd.