Friday, March 6, 2015


INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS is a silly and sleazy drive-in classic.

During my youth, I saw it countless times in the theater, on free television, on cable television, on tape, and these days, on disc.

Writing credit goes to Nicholas Meyer.

It was directed by Denis Sanders ( 1929 - 1987 ).

William Smith, Anitra Ford, Victoria Vetri, and Katie Saylor, all appear in this flick.

In addition, Cliff Osmond ( 1937 – 2012 ), plays Captain Peters. I've seen him in A TON of movies and television shows.

But, that's not all... As an added bonus, Rene Bond supposedly appears in this movie.

Rene is credited as a bee girl. However, I have NOT seen a one hundred percent positive identification of her.

Is the blond above, Rene Bond?... I know Rene had blond hair for a while, but I'm NOT convinced this is her. Yet, this woman keeps being identified as Rene Bond. Obviously, this woman's breasts have been enhanced, just like Rene's were, but I don't think it's her.

I think Rene is the brunette that runs out and gets electrocuted. Look at her face ( cheeks ). In my opinion, the brunette looks much more like Rene than the blond.

I have two copies of INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS. One is on VHS ( by HBO - love the artwork ). My second copy is on DVD. It's in DRIVE-IN MOVIE CLASSICS ( 50 movie pack by MILL CREEK ).

BEE GIRLS has been released on legit and bootleg VHS tape many times.

It's also been released on countless region one DVDs.

NOTE: Most versions have been butchered to FULLscreen, and are cut.

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  1. I believe you're right about Rene Bond. She's also at the very beginning where she has fatal sex with some guy in the outdoors, I believe it's before the credits