Wednesday, March 11, 2015


DEATH FLIGHT is one of my favorite made-for-tv-movies.

It's a disaster movie. There's also an epidemic, a love triangle, unplanned pregnancy, fist fights, and sabotage.

Writing credits go to the following people, Robert L. Joseph ( 1923 – 2002 ), Meyer Dolinsky ( 1923 – 1984 ), Guerdon Trueblood, and William Roberts ( 1913 – 1997 ).

It was directed by David Lowell Rich.

Who's in this flick?.... A TON of familiar faces are passengers in this flatulent cinematic flight. Some of them are.....

Martin Milner AND George Maharis... Both starred together in ROUTE 66.

Billy Crystal... I know many people are fond of him, but I'm NOT!

Bert Convy ( 1933 - 1991 )... He was a man of many talents. Mr. Convy did plays, movies, tv shows, music, and even hosted a few game shows.

Misty Rowe!... Yes!... I was truly nuts about her, and I could never get enough of Misty when she was on HEE-HAW. She's the main reason, I've wanted to get my hands on this film. She's been in a lot of movies, tv shows, and plays.

Robert Reed ( 1932 – 1992 )... Most famous for playing the father in the BRADY BUNCH. I really, really, really HATED that show!... The whole clan can go fist themselves!

Brock Peters ( 1927 – 2005 )... You probably don't know his name, but you know his face. He did A TON of tv shows, movies, and did voice work too!

Doug McClure ( 1935 – 1995 )..... I've seen this man countless times in countless movies and tv shows. My youth was full of his films.....SATAN'S TRIANGLE, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, AT THE EARTH'S CORE, THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, WARLORDS OF THE DEEP, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, and more.

Lorne Greene ( 1915 – 1987 )... He was very popular. I think most folks remember him from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Burgess Meredith ( 1907 – 1997 )... What a career!... From the thirties to the nineties!

Tina Louise... Wow... I'll always remember her in GOD'S LITTLE ACRE and DALLAS. Just for the record, I HATED GILLIGAN'S ISLAND!... But, Ginger and Mary Ann were fucking hot!

Peter Graves ( 1926 – 2010 )... This man was in A LOT of fun movies and tv shows. He's mostly remembered for his role in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Regis Philbin... My memories of him, have always involved talk shows that I've hated. When I was younger, he hosted a show at the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles.

Plus, there are many other folks I have not mentioned.

At one point, there's a scene of light-hearted humor with Misty and Bert's characters. I thought it was incredibly inappropriate... Especially, when you think about what just happened.

As for the airplane, the wing / engine section looks like it came from a B-58 HUSTLER ( and yes, I know the motors are different ). It just doesn't look correct for a SST.

I found DEATH FLIGHT in a six movie collection, called 6 DISASTER MOVIES ( by ECHO BRIDGE ).

This set contains 2 single sided discs, in a standard sized case. One disc is on a flap, the other is mounted in a molded-in area on the back of the case. It's three films per disc ( region one ).

The only time I purchase ECHO BRIDGE movie collections, is when I want to obtain a rare film on pressed disc.

So when I saw DEATH FLIGHT listed on the back, I snapped it up ( used at MOVIESTOP - still FACTORY SEALED ). It only cost me $2.99, and that made me happy. After I watched it, I became even happier. Why?... Because, this is the extended THEATRICAL cut. This version has Misty Rowe topless!...FUCK YEAH!


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