Saturday, July 7, 2012


COMPLIANCE stars Dreama Walker, and is written and directed by Craig Zobel.

It will hit theaters in August 2012.

This story is about a young female employee that was degraded, mentally abused, physically abused, and held prisoner, in her workplace!

If that does NOT piss you off, then you are INSANE!

All of this happened because, these employees were a bunch of spineless-lowlife-morons, and fucking-mindless-drones, that were afraid to question authority. They were "just following orders". Just "going with the flow".

I remember the REAL LIFE news reports that this movie is based on.

So, when I hear, or read, ABSURD CRITICISMS aimed at this film, I feel like strangling the shit-holes that are inflicted with a combination of social-blindness, and oral-diarrhea.



"Man gets five years for role in hoax at Mount Washington McDonald's"

"Caller told him to abuse teen, he says"

"Walter W. Nix Jr. was sentenced yesterday to five years in prison for strip-searching and sexually abusing a teenage worker at the Mount Washington McDonald's in April 2004"

"He was the first person to be convicted in the hoax at the Mount Washington McDonald's in which Ogborn, a $6.35-an-hour counter worker, was strip-searched and sexually humiliated for nearly four hours after a caller convinced an assistant manager that he was a police officer investigating the theft of a purse from a customer"

"A surveillance video showed Nix spanking Ogborn on her naked buttocks and forcing her to orally sodomize him -- acting, he said, on the orders of the caller"

"other fast-food restaurants were duped in similar hoaxes"

ABC NEWS aired a story on this incident. Yet, there are countless fucking morons who insist this could never happen.

QUOTE from an INTERNET MORON: "The filmmakers expect us to believe people are this stupid?"

MY RESPONSE: People ARE that stupid!... and people have done FAR WORSE things than what happens in this movie!... Get that through your ultra-thick fucking skulls!

I've said this before, but I think it's time to say it again... To all the FUCKING DOUCHE-BAGS that love saying, "this movie is so over-the-top"... NO movie will ever be as "over-the-top" as REAL LIFE!

During the 1970's, people were NOT afraid of questioning authority. But nowadays very few people are willing to do that!

We truly have become a nation of SHEEP!...

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