Friday, July 20, 2012


These three MILL CREEK 50 MOVIE PACKS will go on sale in JULY, and SEPTEMBER.

SENSATIONAL SIXTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE ( AKA DOOR-TO-DOOR MANIAC ) - I love this flick! You'll see a super young Ron Howard. You'll also see Vic Tayback, and the one-and-only Johnny Cash!

CRIMINAL AFFAIR ( AKA SETTE UOMINI E UN CERVELLO ) - This is a SUPER RARE film, with Ann-Margret. I only saw it once, when I was a kid.

TWISTED NERVE - Another RARE movie. I remember this from my childhood, because I had a crush on Haley Mills.You'll probably remember the whistling theme song, since Quentin Tarantino used it in KILL BILL. The song was made by the legendary Bernard Herrmann.

THE DEADLY COMPANIONS - The first movie Sam Peckinpah directed. It stars Maureen O’Hara, and Brian Keith.

THE JACKALS - A South African western, staring Vincent Price.

THE DUNGEON OF HARROW - I loved watching this on television when I was a kid.

THE CAPE TOWN AFFAIR - It stars Jacqueline Bisset, and she's the main reason I want to watch this movie. It's a remake of PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, and it was filmed in South Africa.

DIARY OF A TELEPHONE OPERATOR - It stars Catherine Spaak, and Claudia Cardinale. I think it's a Euro sex comedy, and that's all I need to know... ha-ha-ha...

THE MAGIC SERPENT - This is a RARE giant monster movie from Japan.

SOUND OF HORROR - Cheesy and fun flick about an invisible monster.

THE BALLAD OF ANDY CROCKER ( NO relation to betty crocker ) - This movie stars Lee Majors, Joey Heatherton, Jimmy Dean and his pork sausages. Sorry, Jimmy Dean meat products do NOT star in this movie.

NIGHT TIDE - Starring Dennis Hopper. His character falls for a woman that might be a mermaid.

LIGHTING BOLT - This is a somewhat rare spy flick.

THE FAT SPY - Jayne Mansfield, that's the ONLY reason I need to watch this movie!

SWINGIN' SEVENTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

THE HANGED MAN - It's a western with a ESP twist!... it stars Steve Forrest and Cameron Mitchell.

THE GUN AND THE PULPIT - A western with Pamela Sue Martin!... Oh baby!

THE KLANSMAN - The title is self explanatory. Check out the cast!... Luciana Paluzzi and Lola Falana, I love saying their names ( they sound so dirty... ha-ha-ha ). Also, Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Cameron Mitchell, Linda Evans, and guess who?, the U.S.A.'s favorite lowlife, O.J. Simpson!

GET CHRISTIE LOVE! - Television's sanitized version of a GRINDHOUSE FLICK.

DEATH SCREAM - Based on the REAL LIFE inexcusable behavior of a bunch of fucking cowards that did NOTHING to help a woman in the process of being MURDERED! It stars, Raul Julia, Ed Asner, Art Carney, Helen Hunt, Sally Kirkland, and Cloris Leachman!

EXCELLENT EIGHTIES - Some of the films in this set are...

MY CHAUFFEUR - It's totally frivolous, and what's wrong with that?!... The irresistible, and eternally cute Deborah Foreman stars. Sam J. Jones, Penn & Teller, E.G. Marshall, and Howard Hesseman also appear.

SCARECROWS - A rare and really underrated supernatural action flick.

SHAKER RUN - Action flick starring Cliff Robertson and Leif Garrett. It was filmed in New Zealand.

BAIL OUT ( AKA W.B., BLUE AND THE BEAN ) - With David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair! It's so horrible, you can NOT look away!... ha-ha-ha... Every version I've seen, has had the nudity and profanity cut out. I hope MILL CREEK's version is UNcut.

CAVE GIRL - Time travel comedy with a cave-babe. The UNcut version has some boob scenes. I do NOT know which version is going to be in this set.

THE DAY TIME ENDED - Has some really fun special effects, and it stars Jim Davis ( Jock Ewing on DALLAS ).

HUNK - A truly dull movie, with NO nudity that I remember... but at least Deborah Shelton looks good in it.

LASER MISSION - A humorous action flick, staring Brandon Lee, bodacious babe Debi A. Monahan, and Ernest Borgnine!

As usual, there are some redundant titles found in these sets, but that's nothing major.

I usually purchase these type of MILL CREEK sets for TEN DOLLARS at stores like TARGET, and WALMART. That's 20 cents per movie!... right?...

At that price, you have to be one of the biggest douchebags in the world, to complain about any aspect of these sets.

Many of these sets contain some really RARE films. So, even if you only like three or four movies, it's still an incredible bargain!

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