Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Nicole Van Kilsdonk

Mieke de Jong

Michiel Huisman
Caro Lenssen
Johnny De Mol
And many others....

Johan ( Michiel Huisman )

Evy ( Caro Lenssen )

Johnny ( Johnny De Mol )

This is primarily, the story of Johan, his brother Johnny, and the woman they both desire, Evy.

The story starts when Johan and his TEN brothers are kids.

We then witness some of the more significant events in his childhood.

Johan's father is obsessed with soccer and wants ALL of his sons to play professionally. His father becomes extremely frustrated by Johan's disinterest in the game, and the fact, he would rather spend time with his mother.

As a result, Johan's parents argue constantly.

Johan's father and some of his brothers think he is gay.

Johan is not gay, he just loves his mother - and music - far more than a stupid game.

Johan's mother dies while watching a soccer game with the entire family. The only person that seems to notice is Johan.

We flash-forward to the present.

Johan watches his new neighbors move in. He goes to help, and meets a young woman by the name of Evy.

They become friends and more, until she meets Johan's brother, Johnny. He steals Evy from Johan, by playing dirty, real dirty.

Johan is angry and heartbroken. He decides to move to the big city and forget about Evy and his family. But that is far more difficult than you can imagine, because Johnny and his brothers have become famous soccer players.

Johan moves in with a woman that owns a hair salon. He writes music and performs.

One day he takes a walk and notices a wall full of advertising posters. They show his brother and Evy embracing. Apparently they're going to get married. Johan goes ballistic and starts ripping the posters off the wall.

Tensions simmer, until the situation reaches a boiling point, and certain truths are revealed....

None... Sorry folks, it's in Dutch with subtitles, and I did NOT record it onto a DVD.

Also, sorry for the poor quality of the screengrabs. They are sourced from an online trailer.

Television broadcast
Region - Not applicable
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable

PRICE - Free


I think JOHAN is a little jewel of a movie, and I'm very happy to have seen it.

Michiel Huisman, Caro Lenssen, Johnny De Mol are truly wonderful.

I was flipping channels on my television set, and came across this movie on MHZ NETWORK. I had missed the first few minutes.

JOHAN was broadcast in WIDEscreen. It had Dutch audio with white colored English subtitles that were flashed on screen much too quickly!... Yellow subtitles would have been far better.

FYI: Super-cute Caro Lenssen was in a Christmas themed horror flick called SINT.

She was also in a movie called CLOACA, and appears FULLY NUDE. She looks incredibly hot!. According to some sources CLOACA was made for Dutch television!... Can you believe that?!... HOT DAMN!

JOHAN was released on region one DVD by VANGUARD CINEMA. It seems to be out-of-print.

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