Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What the hell were they thinking, when they decided to use those "jailbait" titles?!

Anyway, I discovered Ms. Bond when I was a kid, and I still remember her.

She seemed different. I didn't find her as GROSS as most of the other adult starlets. I think, I may have felt that way, because she seemed to do most of her scenes with her long time boyfriend. Plus, she appeared in a lot of NON hardcore films.

Rene Bond in the FUGITIVE GIRLS

One of my favorite Rene Bond films, is called FUGITIVE GIRLS. It was supposedly written by Ed Wood, and he even appears in it.

She also appears in an extremely RARE movie called NECROMANIA, which was written AND directed by Ed Wood ( in both soft AND hardcore versions ).


The last time I saw her was on a game show called BREAK THE BANK. She appeared with her husband, and had obviously gained weight and changed her hair style, but it was definitely her. I think this show may have been canceled early on.

In addition to movies, she was also a model in many skin mags.

Ms. Bond also appears on numerous magazine and book covers, and even one or two record album covers.

I don't know which of her movies were released on VHS.

However, some of her movies are available on DVD via, SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO, ALTERNATIVE CINEMA, S'MORE ENTERTAINMENT, and several other companies.

FYI: Some of her films seem to be categorized as "lost".

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