Tuesday, July 17, 2012


John Dahl

John Dahl
David W. Warfield

Val Kilmer
Joanne Whalley
Michael Madsen
Jon Gries
And many more....

Jack Andrews ( Val Kilmer )

Fay Forrester ( Joanne Whalley )

Vince Miller ( Michael Madsen )

Alan Swayzie ( Jon Gries )

Fay and Vince are back-stabbing career criminals.

For whatever reason, they decide that robbing some mob couriers is a good idea. Vince kills one of them, and they take off with the money.

A short time later, they pull over at a rest-stop. While Vince takes a leak, Fay clobbers him on the back of the head with a rock. She takes the money and heads for Reno, Nevada.

Fay goes to a private-eye named Jack. She gives him a song-and-dance routine about being abused. Fay wants Jack to fake her death, so she can start a new life.

Jack falls for it, but his gut is telling him to be careful.

Jack knows, that Fay is a backstabber, but he goes through with the plan. It works, even the cops think she's dead.

Vince comes to town. He reads an article in the local newspaper, about Jack being quesioned in regards to Fay's murder.

Vince assumes, Jack has the stolen money, so he goes after him.

Meanwhile, Jack goes to meet Fay and discovers she has flown to Las Vegas, with the money.

To further complicate matters, the local gangsters tip-off the mobsters that got robbed. They tell them, that Jack used their money to pay them off.

Fay wanted to "die", but before it's all over, it's Jack that may end up six feet under...

Vince: "Toss the bag on the front seat, and I won't blow your head off!"

Fay: "He's not right in the head. He's trying to kill me"

Fay: "I always wondered what it'd be like to die a really violent death"

Jack: "Don't laugh, you're dead"

Jack: "I think you're a greedy two-faced bitch"

Fay: "Kill me again..."

Region one
Company - MGM
Rated R
Extras - Just one freaking trailer for KILL ME AGAIN!
Inserts - No

PRICE - $3.00

HELL NO!!!!!...

This is one of my favorite flicks, and it's extremely underdepreciated!

I would love to get my hands on the beautiful poster that was used in video rental stores. It has great artwork! If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.

This MGM DVD has been butchered to FULLscreen! It's also a BARE-BONES disc!

KILL ME AGAIN was released on VHS by MGM. There are two different covers that I know of. One version has artwork. Another version has the same shitty "photoshop" type of collage that's found on the region one DVD.

MGM also released KILL ME AGAIN on region one DVD.

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