Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dennis Hopper

Charles Williams
Nona Tyson

Don Johnson
Virginia Madsen
Jennifer Connelly
William Sadler
Jerry Hardin
Charles Martin Smith
Jack Nance
Barry Corbin
Leon Rippy
And many others...

Harry Madox ( Don Johnson )

Dolly Harshaw ( Virginia Madsen )

Gloria Harper ( Jennifer Connelly )

Frank Sutton ( William Sadler )

Harry Madox is a arrogant drifter with a chip on his shoulder.

One day he drives into a small Texas town, and gets a job as a car salesman.

The car dealer's wife, Dolly, is a barracuda. She wants Harry and she won't stop until she gets him.

Gloria works at the car dealership, and she's being blackmailed by a customer named Sutton. Harry wants Gloria, and he plans on stopping Sutton any way he can.

Harry decides to rob a local bank, and he takes his time planning it.

He rigs a fire in a building to distract law enforcement and everyone else.

He gets away with the money and buries it. End of story, or so he thinks.

The days and nights are filled with larceny, lust, blackmail, infidelity, betrayal, and murder.

Before it's all over, some of these folks are gonna get burned....

Julian: "I guess, I have to learn how not to take a crap when the sirens go off"

George: "What the hell's the matter with you Madox?.. You got a grudge against the world or something?!"

Madox: "In this world, you got to take what you want... damn sure can't stand around and wait for somebody to give it to you"

Dolly: "Bad boy... bad, bad, boy..."

Sheriff: "You know you robbed the bank. We know you robbed the bank. That makes it unanimous"

Sutton: "Chicken don't always lay it's eggs in the same nest"

Dolly: "It's not the falling down honey, it's the climb back up"

Dolly: "I'm fucking you to death, George"

Region one
Company - ORION / MGM
Rated R
Extras - One trailer for THE HOT SPOT, that's it!
Inserts - No

PRICE - $3.00

HELL NO!!!!!...

I love this flick!

THE HOT SPOT is one of my favorite flicks from the 1990s.

William Sadler is the TRUE male STAR of this movie! He kicks ass!

THE HOT SPOT is based on the book HELL HATH NO FURY ( by Charles Williams ).

"He's the pimple on the butt of life" ( this may NOT be an exact quote ). Dennis Hopper allegedly said that about Don Johnson. I agree one hundred percent... ha-ha-ha-ha...

Ms. Madsen really nails her role. When she's on screen you can NOT look away! Plus, she looks fucking fantastic!

I believe this was Ms. Connelly's first partial nude scene ( topless only ). There's also one scene of her fully nude from a distance. BUTT, it may be a body double.

Jennifer Connelly's character is pure sex kitten. That's NOT a criticism of her performance. She's just not given much to do, compared to the other main characters.

William Sadler, Barry Corbin, Leon Rippy, Charles Martin Smith, Jerry Hardin, and Jack Nance, are an amazing, and awesome powerhouse of TRUE ACTORS!

THE HOT SPOT was released on VHS by MGM, and a region one DVD was also released by MGM ( OUT OF PRINT ).

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