Friday, September 20, 2013


LICKERISH QUARTET by Radley Metzger... I haven't seen this movie since the VHS era

Raquel Welch was a great looking woman, and this movie was fun, but I still liked UNHOLY ROLLERS much more

I miss watching double and triple features


These are NOT movie ads, but I still thought they were interesting enough to include.

I thought this was really funny... they placed a DISNEY ad aimed at families, right next to a STRIP CLUB ad... "Hey mom!... I DON'T want to see Mickey!... I'd rather see the naked lady!... And dad agrees!"

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  1. I miss double and triple features too, but we had *quintuple* features in the mid-'60s at the local drive-in, aka the "dusk-to-dawn" shows! Free coffee and donuts were handed out between the 4th and 5th movies, after which the concession stand closed, and the final movie played out (faintly) as the sun came up!