Monday, September 9, 2013


I've been watching more of his talk show appearances with David Letterman, and his movie GUMS.

Random thought... I was thinking how great it would have been, to have seen him perform in a David Lynch film.

I've searched for years, but I still have NOT been able to find his short film called MIDNIGHT CAFE.

I recently tried looking for it at SOMETHING WEIRD's website, but NO luck!

Hope you're at peace Mr. Gottlieb.....


  1. He was the #1 reason I watched the Letterman Show back in the day (Larry "Bud" Melman was reason #2)!

  2. I forgot about Larry "Bud" Melman ( Calvert DeForest )... Had fun watching his brief appearance in WAITRESS! - the TROMA flick, NOT the incredibly overrated movie with Keri Russell.

    Just for the record, that's NOT a put-down of Ms. Russell - I love watching her on a tv show called THE AMERICANS.

  3. DeForest was in THE FIRST TIME (1983) starring the late Tim Choate, of course I didn't know Calvert as Larry "Bud" until I rented the tape of the movie years later and made the connection.