Saturday, September 21, 2013



AM VS FM.....

Even when I was a kid, I HATED AM! It was a MUSICAL WASTELAND! Most of the stations seemed to play the same hundred songs, over and over, and over again.

The stations that played MOLDY OLDIES were even worse!

One day I discovered FM. Those sations were like an oasis. You could hear entire albums, and almost any type of music you could imagine.

Some stations had very little commercial interruptions, and some had NONE at all.

I remember listening to music from TANGERINE DREAM, Klaus Schulze, and other electronic music pioneers.

I also remember REAL talk radio. The hosts and guests actually DISCUSSED things, they did NOT rant and attack each other!

One of my favorite experiences, was listening to the radio version of HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY ( complete with special effects )... very cool! In my opinion, Douglas Adams ( 1952 – 2001 ) was a GENIUS.


I don't remember the call letters of most of my favorite stations.

However, I do remember KROQ vividly ( they played new wave / punk music ). I listened to them until they started to change.


I think most folks in the United States know who Wolfman Jack is. I hated the music he played, but I liked listening to his voice and it was cool watching him in movies, like AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

The Real Don Steele worked at TENQ. I liked him, but I hated the music TENQ played. I LOVED their animated tv commercials.

Don Steele had his own tv show on channel nine. The same channel that Larry Vincent and Cassandra Peterson hosted their horror programs.

He also acted in movies.

I HATED the radio station Rick Dees worked at, and I disliked him also!... Remember his song DISCO DUCK?

Dr. Demento's show was the only reason I listend to KMET.

I found Kevin and Bean from KROQ mildly amusing.

There was a big scandal involving a FAKE murder confession on their show. It was a truly despicable incident. In my opinion, Kevin and Bean should have been sent to prison.

FYI: Cassandra Peterson also worked on KROQ for a while

A paparazzi shot of LADY CACA on a Indiana beach... the smell of success?

I was also going to write about nightclubs, and concerts, but I can't remember much... Or maybe I don't want to remember ( ha-ha-ha ).

I will say this, I miss dancing with cute, curvy, and leggy, valley girls... Well, till next time.....

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