Thursday, September 12, 2013


1988 newspaper ad from Bogotá Colombia

The last time I saw this movie, was during the early nineties!

Sexy comedies were a-dime-a-dozen back in the eighties.

These types of films were also incredibly silly, stupid, predictable, and when done correctly, filled with female nudity.... So, what's wrong with that?

I used to take movies like this for granted. But, I appreciate them now.

SEX APPEAL was written by Chuck Vincent and Craig Horrall. It was also directed by Chuck Vincent.

It stars, Louie Bonanno as Tony, Jerome Brenner as Joe, Marie Sawyer as Louise, Marcia Karr as Christina, Jeffrey Hurst as Donald, and Tally Chanel aka Tally Brittany as Corrine.

Gloria Leonard, Veronica Hart, Candida Royalle, Taija Rae, and Samantha Fox, also make appearances.

Tony does his homework in the bathroom

Tony fantasizes about a women that appears on a bus stop poster.

He's constantly being rejected by women.

When he spots a magazine ad for a book called SEX APPEAL, he rushes to a book store and purchases a copy.

He follows the instructions in the book.

A short time later, he moves into his own place, and "wackiness ensues".

There's a good and bad side to fantasizing

QUOTE from the movie.....
"That big mouth of hers has several uses"

A legit VHS was released in the United States by VESTRON.

I'm NOT sure, but I think the turds at LIONSGATE own the rights to SEX APPEAL. That may explain the absence of a legit region one DVD.... So, you'll have to settle for a grey-market disc.

Samantha Fox and Taija Rae

Veronica Hart

Candida Royalle

Gloria Leonard

I don't know if there are any legit home video releases of this movie in other countries.

I do NOT understand the folks at LIONSGATE.... What's the point of having a home video branch that does NOT release most of the films in it's vaults?

I used to buy their products, but now, I avoid them.....


  1. Hey, don't suppose you know of a source for this movie, do you? I'm in the UK, and cant find it online at all.

  2. Hi, EddieG

    As far as ONLINE sources go.....

    A website called HULU has it, but I think it's only viewable to folks living in the United States.

    At least half the content on HULU is FREE. However, as I said before, I don't know if you can watch it, if you don't live in the United States ( see link below ).

    There's also a YOUTUBE video. I do not know if it is viewable to anyone living outside of the United States.

    It was uploaded by LIONSGATE. You have to log-in to watch it, but at least it's free. LIONSGATE usually charges money to watch ( see link below ).

    As far as I know, SEX APPEAL has not had a legit DVD release on region 1, 2, or 4 discs. I don't know about other regions.

    I've seen a lot of DVDs from South Korea for sale online. Those Korean discs seem to be the only way to get certain movies on DVD ( films that have not had a legit release anywhere else ).

    I've seen grey-market DVDs for sale ( region free ), but those type of discs are always a big gamble.

    Hope that helps even a little.

    Have a safe and happy holiday.....

  3. Hey CVB, cheers for the reply. I've previously tried the sources you've mentioned, but like you say, because I'm in the UK I can't access them at all. I've also tried searching for it online, but can't find a download anywhere.