Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Robert Wise

Eve Greene
Richard Macaulay
James Gunn

Lawrence Tierney
Claire Trevor
Walter Slezak
Phillip Terry
Audrey Long
Elisha Cook Jr
Isabel Jewell
Esther Howard
Tony Barrett

Sam ( Lawrence Tierney ) is a psycho! He's paranoid and gets his jollies from murdering. He's NOT a complex person, lol.

Helen ( Claire Trevor ) is a sick bitch with a chip on her shoulder. Sam's disturbing behavior makes Helen's womanhood moister than Niagra Falls ( think about it ).

Arnett ( Walter Slezak ) is a private dick. Hey, that's a slang term for private detective!

Georgia ( Audrey Long ) is Helen's sister. She's loaded. No, I don't mean she's drunk, I mean she's got a lot of money.

Fred ( Phillip Terry ) is Helen's rich fiance.

Martin ( Elisha Cook Jr ) is Sam's closest and only friend. He's a weasel and thinks he can control Sam.

Laury ( Isabel Jewell ) is a libidinous lush and cheating on Sam.

Danny ( Tony Barrett ) is being used by Laury to make Sam jealous, but not for long....

Mrs. Kraft ( Esther Howard ) is Laury's friend. She's a drunken old hag, but she's also smart and tough. She hires Arnett to find Laury's killer.

Bad: adjective - "having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible"

Sam is a BAD boy. Helen is a BAD girl. Together they make a BAD couple.

This is the story of TWO-TWISTED-FUCKS in love. You don't have to be twisted to enjoy it, but it helps.

Sam is a paranoid, psychopath that loves money, power and morally corrupt women. Soon he'll cross paths with a deranged dame called Helen.

However, first he spots his current two-timing fun-hole girlfriend cheating on him with a douche-bag called Danny. So he pays a visit to her home. When danny-boy goes into the kitchen to fix some drinks, he discovers Sam. Danny ends up being repeatedly greeted by Sam's fists-of-fury and ends up going to a better place. Moments later, Sam's backstabbing girlfriend Laury walks in and discovers Danny on the ground. Before you know it, she's on a one-way trip to join Danny.

Sam leaves the house. Then Helen enters and discovers the bodies. Helen doesn't call the cops, instead she decides to leave for San Francisco on a train. Well, guess what? Sam is also on that train!

Mrs. Kraft shared a home with Laury, Helen and a few others. She comes to San Francisco and hires a private detective called Arnett to find Laury's killer.

Meanwhile, Sam visits Helen at her sister's home. Before you know it, Sam is marrying Georgia and her wealth! Arnett crashes Georgia's wedding. Arnett blackmails Helen. He threatens to tell the police about Sam unless she pays him $15,000!

At Georgia's house, Sam and Helen talk in private. During their conversation, Sam discovers that Helen found Loury and Danny's bodies. Instead of having normal human reactions, such as being scared out of her mind and repulsed beyond words, the sick twisted bitch was acutally turned on by it! This revelation sets their private areas on fire with desire.

Some illicit smooching between Sam and Helen occurs.

Later on, Sam becomes even more paranoid.

At a beach, Martin fails to murder Mrs Kraft. She turns out to be far stronger and smarter than he could have anticipated. Sam shows up and easily disposes of Martin because he no longer trusts him. Mrs. Kraft takes advantage of the situation and escapes.

Things progressively spiral out of control.

At Georgia's house, Sam starts shooting at Helen and chases her up the stairs. Before you know it the cops show up and everything ends in a blaze of bullets....

Divorce Lawyer: "The bonds of matrimony can weigh heavily on one's soul"

Laury: "He's the quiet sort, and yet you get the feeling if you stepped out of line, he'd kick your teeth down your throat"

Martin: "You can't just go around killing people whenever the notion strikes you. It's not feasible"

Sam: "You got to know what you want in life, be sure you're going to get it, and you can't miss"

Helen: "You're not a turnup, are you?"

Sam: "We're going in the same direction, you and I"

Arnett: "As you grow older, you'll discover that life is very much like coffee: the aroma is always better than the actuality"

Georgia: "Here's your wedding ring. Aren't you always suppossed to throw it over the fence, or down a drain or something, as soon as you get your divorce?"

Helen: "You? you're strength, excitement... and depravity. There's a kind of corruptness inside of you Sam"

Sam: "If I ever so much as catch you looking at Helen, I'll tear your throat out"

Helen: "Perhaps you don't realize. It's painful being killed. A piece of metal sliding into your body... finding it's way into your heart. Or a bullet tearing your skin, crashing into bone. It takes a while to die, too. Sometimes a long while..."

Mrs. Kraft: "You're the coldest iceberg of a woman I ever saw, and the rottenest inside"

Fred: "What you say and what you feel are completely different things"

Arnett: "You remember the verse from the Bible, Mrs. Brent?: I find more bitter than death, the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and he who falls beneath her spell... has need of God's mercy"

Helen: "Fred was right, this time I didn't land on my feet..."

Arnett: "The way of the transgressor is hard. More's the pity. More's the pity"

Black & white
Region one
Company - Warner Bros
Not rated
Extras - Commentary by Eddie Muller ( plus audio snipits by Robert Wise )
Inserts - None


PRICE - $3.00

NO!... This movie is a blast!... It's one of my favorite 'noirs' ever!

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