Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hampton Fancher

Lew McCreary
Hampton Fancher

Owen Wilson
Brian Cox
Mercedes Ruehl
Janeane Garofalo
Dwight Yoakam
Dennis Haysbert
Sheryl Crow

Vann ( Owen Wilson ) is alone, except in his mind. He's a gentle savage.

Doug ( Brian Cox ) is a self loathing mess. He feels contempt for his wife and daughter.

Jane ( Mercedes Ruehl ) is Doug's mentally exhausted wife and Karen's heartbroken mother. Jane is dying inside.

Karen ( Chloe Black ) is Jane and Doug's daughter. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Detectives Blair & Graves ( Dwight Yoakam & Dennis Haysbert ) are Vann's ever-present imaginary companions.

Ferrin ( Janeane Garofalo ) is Vann's unofficial girlfriend.

Laurie ( Sheryl Crow ) is a two legged vice. She's a wreck, so Vann sends her to a better place.

Vann loves his pickup truck. He loves to kill also; he just can't help himself...

He drives with no specific destination in mind. He's just drifting.

At a bar he meets a woman named Laurie. She's a pill-popping, needle-injecting, alcohol-ingesting, chain-smoking asthmatic. They hit it off. She hops into his pickup truck and goes for a ride. They go to a rest stop. Laurie sticks a needle in herself. Then she drinks from Vann's special bottle. Now she's in a better place.... so Vann takes her body to the bathroom and leaves.

No blood squirting or oozing. No severed limbs. No gunshots or other types of messy things. Vann prefers to do things gently and quietly.

He stops at a beach and tries to sleep in his truck, but a female police officer tells him to move on. So he ends up renting a room from Jane and Doug. They have a daughter named Karen, but she's been missing for a long time.

One day Vann passes out on the floor and has a visitation from his imaginary friends ( they follow him everywhere ). Jane finds him and wakes him up. He ends up becoming close to Doug and Jane.

Doug offers Vann a job at the post office. He accepts.

At work he meets Ferrin, a woman that seems to be very attracted to him. He ends up becoming close to her also.

Vann takes more victims.

Meanwhile, the local media is starting to notice common threads in various deaths. So Vann takes note.

Some unexpected events happen, forcing Vann to pack up and leave.

He doesn't know where he's going. But he does know that the end of the road is out there. All he has to do, is find it....

Laurie: "Think anyone has ever made a pie out of pickles?"

Vann: "I've never done anything violent to anybody. Just the bare minimum that was necessary"

Vann: "You don't always choose what you do, sometimes what you do, chooses you"

Jane: "The last thing you want is for your tenant to become your guest"

Ferrin: "A carrier can't clerk, and a clerk can't carry"

Doug: "Fuck her, and the mother she rode in on"

Vann: "If they let me get to wherever it is I'm going, I'll make a pact with myself. I guess I'll know where that is when I get there"

Region one
Company - Lionsgate
Rated R
Extra #1 - Serial killer biographies
Extra #2 - Theatrical trailer
Extra #3 - Home video trailer
Extra #4 - Production notes
Extra #5 - Cast & credits
Inserts - None


PRICE: - $10.99

NO!!!!!.... I love this flick. It deserves more attention. Is there such a thing as a GENTLE serial killer? - killing with kindness, lol... The way the movie looks and the type of music that's played gives it such a tranquil feeling, even when he's killing people!... I think this is a gem of a movie.

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