Wednesday, January 26, 2011


William J. Hole Jr

Jo Heims

Linda Christian
Robert Alda
Ariadna Welter
Neil Hamilton

Bianca Milan ( Linda Christian ) is a beautiful satanic-seductress.

Rick Turner ( Robert Alda ) is shallow and full of himself. He dumps his girlfriend Donna for Bianca. He's an asshole.

Donna Trent ( Ariadna Welter ) is loyal and foolishly optimistic. She's also Rick's soon to be ex-girlfriend.

Francis Lamont ( Neil Hamilton ) If you cross him, he'll really stick it to you... and I mean that literally!

Rick can't stop dreaming about a hot babe named Bianca. They're not erotic dreams and unfortunately Donna his girlfriend ain't puttin-out. What's a guy to do? Well if you're like Rick, you'll end up joining a voodoo cult ( that's one way to stick it to her.. get it?.. ha-ha? ).

Anyway, Rick meets Donna at a park and they bullshit each other about marriage. He then proceeds to tell her about his insomnia and that he quit his job.

Later that night, he dreams about a beautiful woman. He's too worked-up about it, so he decides to go for a walk and ends up at small shopping center. It's very late and all the shops are closed. Rick spots a doll that looks exactly like the woman in his dreams.

The next morning he tells Donna about his dream. Then he takes her to the shop. They enter the shop and before Rick can open his mouth, shop owner Frank Lamont tells him the custom made doll he ordered is ready. However, he's never met Frank before. This spooks Rick. While still in the shop, he and Donna spot another doll. This one looks just like Donna. That makes two dolls Rick never ordered! Tension fills the room, so Rick and Donna leave.

As soon as Rick and Donna leave, Frank walks to the back of the shop and conducts a voodoo ceremony. He sticks a big needle into Donna's voodoo doll. She feels it immediately, so Rick takes her to the hospital.

That same night Rick has another dream about Bianca. This time he wakes up, but he's still having visions of her and Bianca instructs him to bring her the doll.

The next day, Rick goes to the shop and picks up the Bianca doll. Then he hand delivers it to her. Bianca tells Rick about the cult of gamba and convinces him to join. Rick thinks Bianca is fuck-tastic. One thing leads to another and they end up becoming a couple.

Bianca takes Rick to Frank's shop. Frank and the other cult members don't know that a newspaper reporter named Lindell has infiltrated the group and is planning to expose them. After a cheesy ceremony, Rick's indoctrination becomes official.

Rick's financial situation changes for the better. Then he dumps Donna.

Rick feels guilty about the way he's treated Donna. So, he sneaks into Frank's shop and takes the pin out of Donna's voodoo doll. At that same moment, Frank arrives at his shop. Rick panics and runs to the ceremony room to hide. Frank knows something's not right. He finds a note on the ground. It was written by Lindell.

Donna becomes well again.

During the next night's ceremony, Frank announces that there is a traitor in the group. He tells everyone to come back at 12:30 A.M.

Frank sticks a needle into Lindell's voodoo doll. At that exact moment, Lindell meets his doom as he drives on a mountain road. Then Frank goes after Lindell's sponsor.

Out of guilt, Rick goes to the hospital to pick up Donna. He warns her to leave town. An informant tells Bianca about this. Bianca's pissed.

Later that night, Bianca uses her mental powers to get into Donna's head.

At the ceremony, Rick is shocked to discover that Donna will be sacrificed. She's lying on her back as Rick is ordered to spin a wheel that contains a hidden knife. Rick quickly comes to his senses and starts kicking ass. Soon the room and shop burst into flames. He rushes Donna to his car. He hits the gas pedal and they disappear into the night.

Rick: "To dream about a woman night after night. A woman I never met. Never seen before. And with each dream, she became more real. More alive. Until it seemed that if I had reached out, I could have touched her"

Donna: "There's a perfectly logical explanation for all this"

Bianca: "What shall I do to entertain you? Shall I sing till your head throbs with my voice? Shall I dance for you until the blood races through your veins? Do you find me desirable? Would you kiss me if you could? Would you hold me close?"

Donna: "I guess I can't help acting like a woman"

Bianca: "I can bridge any distance between us. No matter how great or how small"

Rick: "She devil. Whatever you are. I want you"

Cult worshipers: "Gamba, gamba, gamba"

Rick: "You witch. You beautiful evil witch"

Francis: "Traitor! Hear me well. You have been discovered! Gamba knows which one you are!"

Black & white
Region one
Company - Mill Creek Entertainment
NOT rated
Extras - None
Inserts - None


PRICE - $5.00

HELL NO!!... This movie is pure popcorn-munching-fun and should be watched in a room full of people.

THE DEVIL'S HAND is found in a collection called GOREHOUSE GREATS ( MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT ). It's twelve movies on three discs. I only paid five dollars for it. That's approximately 40 cents per movie! The other films in this collection are as follows: BLOOD MANIA, BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE, BRAIN TWISTERS, MADMEN OF MANDORAS, NIGHTMARE IN WAX, PRIME EVIL, SATAN'S SLAVE, STANLEY, TERRIFIED, TERROR and TRIP WITH TEACHER.

In my opinion it's a fantasic bargin.

FYI: Linda Christian and Ariadna Welter are sisters.

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