Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ate De Jong

Brian Helgeland

Chad Lowe
Kristy Swanson
Patrick Bergin
Jarrett Lennon
C.J. Graham
Richard Farnsworth
Pamela Gidley
Rags ( Mr. Ben the dog )
Adam Storke
Anne Meara
Amy Stiller
Ben Stiller
Jerry Stiller
Gilbert Gottfried
Lita Ford
Michael Reid MacKay

Rachel ( Kristy Swanson ) is sweet and smart, and she's a lot tougher than she looks. Rachel wants to marry Charlie.

Charlie ( Chad Lowe ) is softspoken and loyal. He loves Rachel and his dog Mr. Ben. Charlie's on a mission to rescue his fiancée Rachel.

Mr. Ben ( Rags ) is Charlie and Rachel's dog. He's smart and brave.

Sam ( Richard Farnsworth ) owns an isolated gas station. His fiancée Clara is in hell.

Hell-cop ( C.J. Graham ) is a heartless hellspawn.

Beezle / devil ( Patrick Bergin ) is a complex individual that keeps his word.

Adam ( Jarrett Lennon ) is stuck in hell and wants to go home. Beezle is his guardian.

Clara ( Pamela Gidley ) was Sam's fiancé. She was abducted by hell-cop fifty years ago.

Charlie and Rachel are driving to Las Vegas to get married. They still have a long way to go, so they decide to stop at a diner. Their impending marriage is supposed to be a secret. Rachel proceeds to tell Charlie that she informed her mother about their plans. Charlie becomes paranoid after he spots a cop in the diner. A cop leaves a few seconds after they do. Charlie is now convinced that the cop is following them, so he takes a detour. As a result, they end up getting lost. They stop at a old and very isolated gas staion. Sam, the owner, tries to warn Charlie about the road, but he dosen't listen. They have no idea what awaits them.

Charlie falls asleep while driving and their car comes to a halt. A freakish looking cop appears out of nowhere and attacks them. Charlie and Mr. Ben are knocked unconscious and the cop disappears with Rachel.

Charlie and Mr. Ben go back to Sam's gas station. Charlie asks for Sam's help. Sam tells him everything about the road. He also tells Charlie about his lost fiancée Clara, and how she was taken by the Hell-cop fifty years ago. Sam gives Charlie his hot-rodded 1940 FORD coupe and tells Charlie he has twenty-four hours to find Rachel, otherwise they'll be stuck in hell for eternity. Unfortunately, Charlie and Mr. Ben take off before Sam can tell him about the car's special feature.

After a brief encounter with a real cop, Charlie and Mr. Ben land in hell.

Hell-cop takes Rachel to Pluto's diner. While he's distracted, Rachel tries to escape, but is caught by a man named Royce and his motorcycle gang. One of the gang members happens to be Clara.

Meanwhile, Charlie has an encounter with a hot big-bosomed-blonde, and her friend.

Charlie arrives at Pluto's diner, only to be harassed by Royce and his gang. He is speechless after spotting Clara. He gets back into the car and heads down the road. Charlie spots Rachel in the back seat of hell-cop's cruiser. He speeds up and proceeds to engage in a car bashing battle. Unfortunately, he only succeeds at damaging his car and rendering it useless.

He finds a roadside phone, but fails to get help. As he turns around, he sees a tow-truck with his car. Charlie runs to the vehicles. The tow-truck driver introduces himself as Beezle. He's with a boy called Adam. They drive to his garage. Charlie tells Beezle about his girlfriend being abducted by hell-cop.

After the car is fixed, Beezle tells Charlie how to get to hell city.

At a casino, Charlie spots Rachel in a cage. He tries to rescue her, but is shot by hell-cop. Beezle saves Charlie's life. Charlie thanks him and leaves.

On his journey to hell city, Charlie has to overcome many more obstacles. Such as, Royce's gang, a lustful female demon, the river styx, VW BEETLES, a demon hound, and the devil himself.

Time is running out. Charlie, Rachel, Mr. Ben and Adam must escape or they'll be trapped in hell for eternity....

HANDCUFFS... get it?...

Rachel: "I want this as much as you do. It just isn't right. Be in our own great big bed. No parents. No curfews. No frustration... and no clothes"

Sam: "Don't sleep much at my age. It's a biological fact"

Charlie: "The highway to hell?!"

Rachel: "Make love to me Charlie. If you make love to me the devil won't want me anymore"

Boat-man: "Evil has many faces, some of which are sweet"

Beezle / devil: "I may not be carrying a pitchfork, but I think you know who I am. Don't make me lose my temper"

Woman in red dress: "I was only sleeping with my husband's boss to advance his career"

Royce: "Eternity lasts too long!"

Beezle / devil: "Remember, don't look back"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region zero
Company - HBO
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

No!.. read on... As of July 2010, HIGHWAY TO HELL has still not been officially released on region one DVD, and I've never seen any foreign region DVDs either. The only legit home video release that I'm aware of, was on VHS tape. I've seen bootleg DVDs for sale at some conventions, but I was not willing to gamble with my money on one of them.... So when I found out that THIS TV would be airing the movie, I jumped at the chance to record it onto a DVD-RW.... The movie aired on network tv, that means it was censored and edited to squeeze in as many commercials as possible... and of course it's been butchered to FULLscreen... Anyway, it's better than not having it at all...

I have very fond memories of this movie. I think it's an underrated cheesy classic, and a lot of fun. I loved watching it when it was new and I still love it. I also love watching the three headed dog, she-demon, handcuffs and all the other effects...

Anne Meara, Amy Stiller, Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller, all make appearances in this movie!... as does Lita Ford... Just sit back with some popcorn and relax...

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