Friday, January 28, 2011


Rowdy Herrington

Rowdy Herrington

James Spader
Cynthia Gibb
Rex Ryon
Robert Picardo
Rod Loomis
Jim Haynie

John ( James Spader )

Richard ( James Spader again! )

Christina ( Cynthia Gibb )

Jack ( Rex Ryon )

Dr. Battera ( Robert Picardo )

Sidney ( Rod Loomis )

Brutal copy-cat murders are being committed by a person called the "ripper" on the one-hundredth anniversary of "Jack the rippers" murder spree...

John and Richard are twins. They are estranged, but live opposite each other ( separated by a park ).

John works at a clinic. He's an idealist and kind.

John is murdered by a coworker called Jack, or so we think. Minutes later Richard wakes up after having a nightmare about his twin brother's death.

He rushes to the crime scene, where everybody is shocked to find out John has a twin brother. Richard is questioned. He insists that John did not commit suicide and that his brother was not the "ripper", and that he is not the killer either. However, the cops still think Richard is the "ripper".

Richard goes to the clinic that his brother worked at, but the only person that will listen to him, is Christina. Together they hunt for the real killer.

Jack is eventually captured, but is he really the killer? Or is the "ripper" still out there?...

Sgt. Gabriel : "He photographs his victims"

Dr. Battera: "She'll be murdered within the next 12 hours, and she'll be pregnant"

Christina: "Fuck off Sidney!"

John: "Call the police! Call the police!"

Christina: "Where there's no jealously, there's no love"

Richard: "Fuck your eye witness!"

Christina: "His brother's dead, wouldn't you be disturbed?"

Region - Not applicable
Company - Paramount
Rated R
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

NO!!!!... This is one of my favorite 80's flicks!

JACK'S BACK is an EXTREMELY UNDERRATED MOVIE!!... I think it's a lot of fun to watch... The story moves along very quickly... Quite a few people could end up being the murderer, and that makes things even more interesting.

James Spader is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.

Everyone, in front of and behind the camera, kicks ass in this movie.

It's available to watch for FREE on HULU... However, after all these years, it still has NOT been officially released on region one DVD! That really pisses me off!

This movie exists on "legit" VHS, "bootleg" VHS, and "grey-market" DVD-R.

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