Wednesday, January 26, 2011


David Cronenberg

Stephen King
Jeffrey Boam

Christopher Walken
Brooke Adams
Sean Sullivan
Herbert Lom
Jackie Burroughs
Tom Skerritt
Nicholas Campbell
Martin Sheen
Anthony Zerbe
Simon Craig

Johnny ( Christopher Walken ) is a teacher and he is deeply in love with Sarah.

Sarah ( Brooke Adams ) is Johnny's girlfriend. She also teaches at the same school.

Vera and Herb ( Jackie Burroughs & Sean Sullivan ) are Johnny's loving and loyal parents.

Doctor Weizak ( Herbert Lom ) is Johnny's doctor and friend.

Sheriff Bannerman ( Tom Skerritt ) desperately needs Johnny's help to stop a serial killer.

Deputy Dodd ( Nicholas Campbell ) has many secrets. Some secrets kill.

Greg Stillson ( Martin Sheen ) is an egomaniacal lunatic and presidential hopeful.

Johnny and Sarah are teachers, and they both work at the same school. His feelings for her are too deep for words to describe.

While riding a roller coaster, Johnny experiences a bizarre headache. He's never felt anything like it before.

At Sarah's house, they say their goodbyes for the night. It's raining. As Johnny drives down the road he sees a trailer and tries to avoid it, but fails. He's taken to the hospital.

Johnny is unconsous. Sarah stands by his bed and begins to cry and begs him not to leave her.

Johnny awakens in a different bed and is greeted by Doctor Weizak. Moments later, his parents enter the room. He's informed that he's been in a coma for five years. His mother also informs him that Sarah is now married.

His love for Sarah is incredibly profound. So this revelation hits him like a ton of bricks, and he proceeds to fall apart. The heartache is killing him. It makes him feel as if he was tossed away like a used tissue, and that he never mattered to her. In some ways, the excruciating emotional pain he's feeling is even worse than the physical pain.

The next morning, a nurse enters his room. He starts having a vision. Johnny sees a girl trapped in a burning house. He tells the nurse that she still has time to save her daughter. She rushes out of the room and goes home. Her daughter is now safe thanks to Johnny.

As the doctor informs him about his physical therapy, Johnny experiences another vision. This time it involves his doctor and takes place during World War II. Johnny tells the doctor that his mother is still alive. The doctor calls his mother and listens to her voice, but doesn't say anything.

Sarah shows up during one of Johnny's physical therapy sessions. It's an extremely uncomfortable experience for both of them, but especially for him.

At a televised press conference, he's challenged about his psychic ability by a TV reporter. The arrogant reporter ends up making an ugly scene. Johnny's mother is watching at home and is so emotionally hurt by what she sees, that she ends up having a stroke. Johnny arrives at the hospital just in time to say goodbye. More heartache for Johnny.

The sheriff stops by to ask Johnny for help regarding a series of murders. Johnny erupts in anger and the sheriff leaves.

Sarah shows up at Johnny's house with her child Denny. He's surprised by her visit, but invites her in. They end up making love. She even makes dinner for Johnny and his father. When Sarah is ready to leave, he gives her a passionate kiss goodbye. A few moments later he enters the house and sits down to watch television. The sheriff is on the news and asking for help to solve the serial killings. Johnny has a change of heart and decides to help.

During the investigation, he has another vision. The killer turns out to be Deputy Dodd. Things end horribly.

Time passes, and a wealthy man hires Johnny to help his son Chris. One day a campaign worker for Greg Stillson knocks on Johnny's door. A few minutes later, Sarah shows up and Johnny discovers the man he's been talking to is her husband. An awkward moment for everyone ensues and they all say goodbye. Johnny closes the door and instantly collapses in tears.

While Chris tries to find out why he's upset, Johnny has another vision.

When Johnny takes Chris home, he warns the boy's father about the impending doom. But the man balks and fires Johnny.

Johnny goes to a political rally and has a vision of Greg Stillson after he shakes his hand. Now he knows that Stillson is pure evil and has to be stopped. He asks his friend Doctor Weizak for his opinon. The next day Johnny packs up his rifle and hops on a bus. At night, he breaks into the building that will host a speech by Stillson.

The next day, Johnny waits for the right moment and then he tries to kill Stillson. Johnny fails because Stillson does something too cowardly for words. Stillson's bodyguard shoots Johnny twice. Johnny falls from the balcony and lands on the floor. The crowd panics, and Stillson confronts him. Johnny grabs Stillson's hand and has another vision. He knows Stillson is doomed.

Sarah runs to Johnny, and he whispers in her ear right before he dies.....

Johnny: "I'm going to marry you, you know?"

Sarah: "Drive carefully"

Doctor Weizak: "You've been in a coma Johnny"

Vera: "Cast her from your thoughts, John. She's turned her back on you. She cleaves now unto another man, a husband"

Johnny: "For you five years have come and gone. For me, it's the next day. My feelings haven't changed yet"

Sarah: "You have the power of second sight. Is it true Johnny? The papers won't let up about it"

Johnny: "Ichabod Crane disappears. The line goes: As he was a bachelor and in nobody's debt, nobody troubled their heads about him anymore"

TV reporter: "Let go of me, you fucking freak!"

Sheriff: "I feel you can help me John"

Johnny: "Bless me?! You know what God did for me?! He threw an 18-wheeled truck at me, bounced me into nowhere for five years!"

Sarah: "Last time we were alone together, you said some things were worth waiting for. Well, haven't we waited long enough?"

Dodd: "I know this girl. Her name's Alma Frechette"

Stillson: "I've had a vision, that I am going to be president of the United States someday and I have accepted that responsibility, and nobody, I mean nobody is gonna stop me"

Chris: "Why are you crying, Johnny?"

Johnny: "Goodbye"

Sarah: "I love you"

Region one
Company - Paramount
Rated R
Extra #1 - Memories From The Dead Zone
Extra #2 - The Look Of The Dead Zone
Extra #3 - Visions And Horror From The Dead Zone
Extra #4 - The Politics Of The Dead Zone
Extra #5 - Theatrical trailer
Extra #6 - Star Trek DVD commercial
Extra #7 - 4400 season two commercial
Inserts - None


PRICE - $3.99

NO!.... This is one of my all time favorites! It's worth the price of admission, just to watch Christopher Walken read Poe out loud. When his character finds out Sarah is married, you believe every pain filled minute Johnny is feeling on screen. The ending is painful to watch because you end up caring about his character so much.

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