Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ken Wiederhorn
Freddie Francis

Robert J. Avrech
Ken Blackwell
Ken Wiederhorn

Michael Moriarty
Jenny Agutter
Theodore Bikel
Kevin McCarthy
Robert Sherman
Anne Lockhart
Carol lynley
Juan Ramon Romani

Philip Page ( Juan Ramon Romani ) is Carolyn's deceased and betrayed husband. He is rotten in the most literal sense of the word.

Carolyn Page ( Jenny Agutter ) is an architect and widow. She's smart, cute and booty-licious. Her deceased husband Philip haunts her.

Dennis Randall ( Michael Moriarty ) is investigating the suspicious and spooky incidents that have occurred at the building Carolyn designed. He's also in denial about his psychic ability.

Dr. Max Gold ( Theodore Bikel ) is a parapsychologist.

Sergie ( Kevin McCarthy ) is a psychic.

Williams ( Robert Sherman ) is one of Dennis's coworkers.

Carolyn is speaking to some guests in the lobby of the skyscraper she designed. She bids farewell and heads to an elevator. When she gets to her office, she changes her clothes. A window washer outside sees her and is delighted by her curvy booty-licious figure. Moments later, the window washer starts to be attacked by an unseen malevolent force. He ends up falling to his death. In addition, a man standing on the sidewalk is crushed and killed by the window washer when he lands on him.

Dennis shows up to investigate. Carolyn tells him that she saw the window washer thrown from his gondola. Dennis feels an evil force as he walks to the roof to chat with the police.

Later that night, Dennis has a vision involving Carolyn and her deceased husband Philip.

A lot of paranormal incidents start ocurring in the skyscraper.

Williams goes berserk and starts shooting employees as they step out of an elevator. He's shot dead by a wounded security guard just as he's about to kill Carolyn. After the massacre, Dennis spots Carolyn's deceased husband in the lobby.

Dennis has another vision, this time it's Carolyn being chased down a hall by a supernatural force. He finds out that Philip's body was never found. He knows that Carolyn is hiding a big secret.

Dennis enlists the help of a parapsychologist called Max. Soon after, Max goes to the skyscraper to investigate, but things get really scary.

Max convinces a psychic named Sergie to join their team.

While at her office, Philip's spirit gets extremely violent with Carolyn. She runs out of her office in fear and ends up in one of the building's unfinished floors.

Dennis, Max and Sergie catch up to Carolyn and her husband's spirit. Supernatural mayhem ensues and by the time it's over, Philip's spirit gets revenge on Carolyn by dragging her into his horrific world.

Carolyn: "I know it sounds impossible, but it was as if someone out there were throwing him"

Dennis: "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. This is the third time!"

Carolyn: "My husband. He died two years ago"

Max: "The ability to predict or experience an event before it happens, we call that precognition"

Sergie: "The time has come, I am ready to spit in the eye of death"

Television broadcast ( recorded on DVD+RW )
Region zero
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free

No... read on. This movie is NOT officially available on region one DVD. In fact, I've only seen official copies on old VHS tapes and expensive foreign region DVDs.

Anyway, I recorded this movie when it aired on THIS TV ( on a MEMOREX DVD-RW ). Recording a movie from an off-air broadcast channel sucks in countless ways. Let me start with the obvious. There are so many commercials that you literally forget what the hell you were watching! It's censored for content. It's edited so they can squeeze in as many commercials as possible. It's missing audio and suffers from occasional video distortion.

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