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Paul Nicolas

Paul Nicholas
Maurice Smith

Isabelle Mejias
Cindy Girling
Anthony Franciosa
Paul Hubbard
Sybil Danning
Benjamin Schmoll
Rene Kolldehoff
Michael Tregor
Natascha Rybakowski
Petey the snake ( unknown )

Julie ( Isabelle Mejias ) is Harold and Irene's daughter. She's a girl with major 'daddy issues'. Julie is an incredibly smart and twisted little bitch.

Irene ( Cindy Girling ) is Harold's wife and Julie's mother. She's fed up with both of them.

Harold ( Anthony Franciosa ) is Julie's father and Irene's hubby. He spoiled Julie her entire life, and now it's going to come back to haunt him in ways he never imagined.

Westin ( Paul Hubbard ) is a part-time delivery man. He's also a full-time sexual predator and murderer with an endearing smile.

Susan ( Sybil Danning ) is Harold's new girlfriend and mother of Dennis. She may become Julie's step-mother. A fact that may put her and her son in danger.

Dennis ( Benjamin Schmoll ) is Susan's annoying twerp of a son.

Julie loves her daddy. REALLY LOVES HIM, in a VERY INAPPROPRIATE WAY! Julie is determined not to let anybody steal her father from her. Talk about 'daddy issues', ha-ha-ha...

Anyway, Julie and her mother are not getting along, and julie's pet snake isn't making things better.

Things are also going badly between Harold and Irene. She wants Harlod to send Julie to a boarding school. This starts yet another fight between them.

The next morning, Irene asks a delivery man to get rid of Julie's snake. The day after that, he comes back and Irene becomes the recipient of his 'special delivery'. Julie is upstairs and hears the brutal sexual attack upon her mother. She grabs her rifle and aims it at him, but does NOT fire! She lets him get away!

Now that her mother is out of the way, Julie has her father all to herself. Or so she thinks....

Time passes, and Harold brings home a potential step mother named Susan and her son Dennis. Julie is pissed off by this development.

When Julie and Dennis are left alone, she tries unsuccessfully to kill him. Julie realizes that Susan, and her son Dennis, may be more of a challenge to get rid of than her real mother. Meanwhile, Susan realizes that Julie is dangerous.

Julie hatches a scheme to blackmail Westin, her mother's killer. She wants him to murder Susan. However, things don't go as planned, and it all ends in a deadly showdown.

Julie: "Daddy, I never want to get married. I just always want to be with you"

Westin: "Hey, cut out the crap! You want me. You know it and I know it"

Julie: "Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?"

Harold: "Susan, for over three years, Irene and I were married in name only"

Susan: "If you would have told me yesterday, this would have happened, I would have never believed it"

Dennis: "Let me out!"

Region zero
Company - CODE RED
Rated R
Extra #1 - Video interview with Isabelle Mejias
Extra #2 - Audio commentary with Isabelle Mejias
Extra #3 - Video interview with Sybil Danning
Extra #4 - Audio commentary with Sybil Danning
Extra #5 - 8 trailers for other CODE RED titles
Inserts - None

OBTAINED AT - Horror Movie Empire

PRICE - $19.99




ATTENTION!... Ladies and gentlemen... The CRYBABY-EXPRESS will be departing soon.
Please proceed to the EXTRAS section of your JULIE DARLING DVD, and click on the Isabelle Mejias AUDIO COMMENTARY.

We'll be making stops at the following towns; PISS-N-MOAN-VILLE, Sarcasm-City, SELF-PITY-VILLAGE, and Bashing-Burg, before reaching our final destination of CRYBABY-CITY.

If you get a headache from the never-ending WHINING, simply ask one of the conductors for a loaded gun... Thank you, the management....

PISS-N-MOAN, PISS-N-MOAN, PISS-N-MOAN... At least 95 percent of what comes out of Ms. Mejias's mouth is SARCASM, WHINING and put-downs.

She should have expressed her feelings to each person during filming, instead of waiting over twenty years to piss-n-moan about it.

I wonder what stories Paul Nicholas has about her?

Ms. Mejias has the right to dislike anyone and anythng she wants. But, it begs the question, why the hell did she take the damn job?!

Most unknown actors and actresses would consider themselves lucky just to have a job, and even luckier to be given a major part.

If she was having such a bad experience while filming, then she should have QUIT!

If she truly feels ashamed of this movie, then why didn't she have her name taken OFF the credits, or use a FUCKING PSEUDONYM?!

If she really feels nothing but contempt for this movie and everyone associated with it, then why even do an interview and audio commentary?... Why bother?

Like I said before, did someone point a gun to her head, and force her to star in this movie?!

Her audio commentary was like listening to a guest on the Jerry Springer show.

I am so sick of all the COLOSSAL CRYBABIES that exist IN SHOW BUSINESS. They should all get jobs in slaughter houses, or go work on a farm picking vegetables ( they wouldn't las a week, if that much! ). They're OUT-OF-TOUCH and INCREDIBLY UNGRATEFUL!

"There is an enormous population out there, who would sell their souls to do what you do," she said. "It's an amazing life, so make sure you appreciate every minute of it".... PRECEEDING QUOTES are by Betty White on the topic of ungrateful and crybaby actors.

Maybe, the divine Ms. Mejias should consider moving in with Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan.

She is NOT Jennifer Jason Leigh, or Gwyneth Paltrow, and she'd do well to remember that....


Ms. Danning does NOT seem to be embarrassed by her participation in this film, and why would she feel that way?

Her demeanor is the polar opposite of Ms. Mejias's. She even praises Ms. Mejias.

As the years have passed, I've come to appreciate Ms. Danning's performance more than ever.

Her part is not as big as the others, but her character is incredibly important.
Ms. Danning gives her character dignity. One of Ms. Danning's best scenes, is when she shows compassion by lying to Mr. Franciosa's character during a very traumatic moment.

I applaud Ms. Danning for displaying respect towards others during her interview and audio commentary. She's extremely tactful, even when criticizing her co-star from THEY'RE PLAYING WITH FIRE.

The first time I saw Sybil Danning was in a movie called HOW TO BEAT THE HIGH COST OF LIVING. That movie is even more relevant now, than when it was new... how sad is that?!

Mr. Franciosa is missed very much.

The first time I saw him, was in a movie called THE LONG HOT SUMMER. I also remember watching him in a European horror flick, but I can't remember it's name.

I wonder how Mr. Franciosa would have reacted to Ms. Mejias's whining... I'm guessing, he'd probably have too much dignity to stoop to her level.

HELL NO!!....

FORGET about any other version of this film.

Someone has finally stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!... And that someone is CODE RED.

They've done an outstanding job!

Glorious WIDEscreen, interviews and audio commentaries.

This is another example of why I prefer small companies run by folks that actually seem to LOVE movies.

Compaines like, Code Red, Blue Underground, Troma, Synapse, Alternative Cinema, Something Weird, Scorpion Releasing, Dark Sky Films, FullMoon, Shout Factory, VCI, the late BCI and others.

Support INDEPENDENT companies!

Everyone in this movie kicks ass, especially Isabelle Mejias and Paul Hubbard. Truly OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES by both of them! They make this film extremely memorable. This is such an underrated gem!

Cindy Girling and the rest of the cast / crew did a great job.

When I was younger I loved watching killer kid movies such as, DEVIL TIMES FIVE ( AKA PEOPLETOYS ), TWISTED ( with a young Christian Slater ), THE BAD SEED ( a classic! ), THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE ( with a young Jodie Foster ), and THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. When the VHS era came along, I discovered JULIE DARLING.

ALSO,... as much as I like POISON IVY, I like JULIE DARLING much more. JULIE DARLING's story is far more brutal and daring.

JULIE DARLING is a unapologetic, cheesy, sleazy, grindhouse style flick. So take it, the way it was meant to be taken... as ENTERTAINMENT!... so call some friends, order a pizza, and grab a drink!

As for all the folks that thumb their noses at movies like this, all I can say is, go watch PRETENTIOUS BULLSHIT such as the ENGLISH PATIENT or CHARIOTS OF FIRE!
Or you can give your money to the folks that made that ULTRA-POLITICALLY-CORRECT, MIND-NUMBING-CINEMATIC-CRAPFEST called GLEE THE MOVIE. If you do, proceed to hang your head in shame.... LOL...



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